Virtual conference “Resilient entrepreneurship and recovery from Covid-19 in the Western Balkan”
  • Date: 21 October
  • Time: 10 am (CET)
  • Location: Virtual (register)

The virtual conference “Resilient entrepreneurship and recovery from Covid-19 in the Western Balkan” aims to identify and analyse the main impacts of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs in the Western Balkan, their reactions, as well as the support they have received to face the current situation. Discussions will provide an opportunity for an intermediate impact assessment of the disruption, would help to identify a set of priority policies and measures for immediate basic re-opening measures for small business owners, in order to facilitate resurgence, and also develop a longer-term social and economic recovery strategy where entrepreneurship play a central role leaving no one behind.

Main topics

  • How can entrepreneurs reframe their organizations to make their businesses more resilient?
  • What are the new tools and models for entrepreneurs to manage risks and uncertainty?
  • What policies can governments implement to promote resilient entrepreneurship?

Target audience

The event is open to all and is targeting all entrepreneurship stakeholders, with a particular focus on the following groups:

  • Public sector officials
  • Representatives from the private sector and academia
  • Civil society representatives

To participate in the conference register here.

Draft agenda 

10:00 – 10:10 Official opening
10:10 – 10:40 Panel discussion: Post Covid-19 strategies for entrepreneurshipDiscussion with policymakers from the Western Balkan region on the measures and strategies implemented for boosting entrepreneurs in post-Covid-19
10:40 – 11:00 Tools for supporting youth entrepreneurship in the Western Balkan


  • Advocacy Toolkit for youth entrepreneurship in times of Covid-19
  • Western Balkan Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance
11:00 – 11:30 Good practices for supporting young entrepreneurs in times of Covid-19 in the Western Balkan