Leoni doo

Jadranka Paladin is the owner and executive director of the company 'Leoni' doo from Bar. The company was founded in 2016, and its main activity is the production and distribution of ice on the Montenegrin coast. With a modest beginning of business, in six years they managed to increase their production and storage capacities. The company offers a wide range of ice models, and thanks to strict quality control, as well as modern technology used in production, the final product is crystal clear and long-lasting ice cubes that they supply to caterers.

The 'Leoni' DOO company received support for the purchase of a modern ice machine through the Business Start Center and through the 'Norway for you - Montenegro' project. With this support, the strengthening of own capacities was achieved, i.e. the expansion of capacities and better satisfaction of the needs of the hospitality industry.

Through the project 'Norway for you - Montenegro' we received support with the help that our family business can progress, for which I am very grateful to the donor the Kingdom of Norway, the Business Start Up Center led by Ivana Tomašević and the project manager, Vesna Markoc, as well as Municipality of Bar. By increasing capacity and constantly introducing innovative technologies, we gain a good predisposition for successful future business. The key is to be well-informed, to first of all have good ideas and to be aware that the path to a successful job is always difficult and demanding, but that everything pays off in the end. I recommend all small and medium-sized enterprises to follow the opportunities that are offered to them and to turn to organizations that support business for help, because the role of institutions is important for the development and improvement of business, said Jadranka Paladin, winner of the support.