Workshop on Innovation in olive growing

As part of the 21st Olive Festival, on November 25th, BSC Bar held a workshop entitled Innovation in olive growing . The workshop aimed to present the olive growers of Bar how they can use innovations to improve olive oil production. In cooperation with producers, small and medium-sized enterprises and associations, innovations in primary production, processing of olives as well as innovative approaches to the market were discussed. Director of BSC Bar, Ivana Tomasevic, presented the support of Enterprise Europe Network as part of international cooperation, which could bring interested olive growers new partnerships in research, joint production and marketing. In the introductory part of the workshop, state support programs were presented by: Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation Mr. Marjeta Barjaktarevic Lanzardi, Innovation Fund Mr. Bojana Femic and Technopolis - Mr. Djordje Brkuljan. Minister of agriculture Mr Jokovic and President of the Municipality of Bar Mr Raicevic expressed their readiness to further support development of olive oil production. The workshop opened the way for mapping the further development of olive growing as an important agricultural branch with great export potential. In the following period, through donor support, the project that is being implemented under the Cross Grant program 'Scientific potential in the service of innovation' BSC Bar and the company Barska uljara will acquire equipment - weather stations and a drone in order to, in cooperation with experts, map the deficiencies in the cultivation of olives that significantly affect this autochthonous genus. We will also identify good practices in the region with small and medium enterprises and international experts that could be applied in Montenegro through the EEN network, transfer of knowledge and technology, and participation in international events. 
Workshop was organized as part of project 'High technology for sustainable autochthonous olive cultivation and innovations in traditional food value chain' supported with IPA II - Annual Action Programme for Montenegro for the year 2020.