TeleEye Montenegro

Nina Šepić is the Engineer of Telecommunications and the executive director of TeleEye Montenegro d.o.o. With her father, Miroslav Sepic, a computer science engineer, she came to business incubator in 2012 with the idea to set up a company that would deal with electronics and telecommunications. 'The company was founded in 2012 as a representative brand of TeleEye which was recognized as a world leader in field of systems for remote monitoring and control. By working in the field of remote video surveillance for clients without internet connection (in rural areas of Bar where there was no telecommunication infrastructure), we have recognized the need for creating wireless links. Therefore, with our colleague Mr. Velibor Vasović, an electrical engineer, I have decided to start a company that will offer wireless Internet access. We have gathered a team of six associates, consolidated expertise and experiences and increased the offer of our company with networking service via WiFi technology. If you need help in designing your system protection and in remote video surveillance, you can contact us and together we will reach the optimal solution '' - said Nina .

TeleEye is an international company with headquarters in Hong Kong, which designs, develops and manufactures a complete video surveillance solutions, including hardware and software. They have a revolutionary technology for signal compression - SMAC - M and HD SMAC -M - which simultaneously encode signal and generate output depending on the speed at which the signal transmitted by the network. In this way, the user can remotely through the Internet or a local network, always have a good quality image, regardless of whether they access through a mobile phone or home DSL connection.

TeleEye provides a wide range of CCTV and DVR solutions for different applications in various industries, including retail, providing for bank surveillance, estates management and logistics, site security , etc. Via telecommunication media customers are enabled to visually monitor and manage their remote business at any place, at any time and they can do that through broadband Internet, local area networks, telephone lines and mobile network applications.

The companies are offered the possibility of monitoring their operations centers.

From the services of incubator they have used the service of Enterprise Europe Network to connect with foreign partners. In particular to create the cooperation with the Internet provider for Albania with whom they consider the possibility of connecting networks, as well as other forms of business cooperation.

Phone: 030 311 322 , 069 145 404 , 069 766 747

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