Olivmont - production of olive oil soaps

Mirjana Babić is the owner of DOO 'Olivmont' from Bar, which was founded in 2009 as a small craft company. The company was born out of the owner's hobby, and based on the example of women who, more than 200 years ago, in the Bar area, made soaps from the remains of olive oil.
With a clear intention and research on this craft, Mirjana used the opportunity of support in the form of mentoring for business development and a favorable loan from the Business Start Center and started her own business.
Over time, the company has developed into a stable company that, in addition to its original activity, the production of soap based on olive oil, is now engaged in the production of essential oils and creams made from natural ingredients.
With the project 'Norway for you - Montenegro', the company DOO 'Olivmont' from Bar received support in the redesign of existing products, branding of new ones, i.e. branding of boxes for essential oils and creams and making sticks for making only their boxes. 'Our products are not cheap and we believe that they cannot be considering the raw material we use, and this kind of product must be well packaged, so the new packaging, the redesign that we received through this project, contributed to the fact that our products now look more luxurious.' , to justify the price and to be able to appear in the most demanding markets', emphasizes Mrijana.
The company also received support for digital marketing, i.e. improving the profile and visibility on social networks. And finally, in order to support the placement, the support of the mentor was provided in relation to the presentation of the product and connection with new points of sale. This support resulted in agreed cooperation with several souvenir shops and boutique hotels.
'We got involved in the project because we saw a chance to complete another element of improving our products, and therefore improving our business.' With this project, we also got something that is very important to us, and that is the possibility to protect our packaging, because more and more manufacturers have appeared that do not produce such high-quality products, but imitate them well. We would like to thank the donor Kingdom of Norway for the support we received through the project 'Norway for you - Montenegro', I think that their role in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises is very significant. I am also grateful to the Municipality of Bar and the staff of the Business Start Up Center, who are always there to provide us with advice and useful information related to business. I believe that this and similar support to institutions and organizations contribute to the start of all more entrepreneurial ventures,
On the other hand, we hope that entrepreneurial stories like this will motivate many others to use natural raw materials that they have in abundance and turn them into quality products that are interesting not only for the domestic market, but also for the foreign market', announced Mira Babić - the winner. support.