Olica Ltd

Ms. Olivera Popovic is an accountant with international standards certification, she is owner and a founder of the agency for accountancy ' Olica ' Ltd. Olivera points out that she always had an affinity for accounting but at the beginning she has worked at home ...'but it did not seem like a serious business, and so, as I was seeking for affordable rental office space I turned to the BSC Bar. Now I am part of a business incubator and business center.'

I have registered the my company in 2009, hired a worker , and now we are a small company that has a tendency to spread. Being a part of a business incubator also means to have open horizons for cooperation with new customers. Being business accountant is always grateful businesses choice that can provide security and existence. As company we strive to maintain the image of professionalism and promptness, though I have to admit that for women in business to survive it must be very inventive and quick-witted - women must embrace the male brusque business style and at the same time preserve a woman in her. I understand that as an extra challenge, and so far I have been successful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the BSC for the good cooperation and support.'

This agency provides the service of conducting analytical bookkeeping, making calculations of retail and wholesale prices, keeping VAT records, VAT calculation, making all the calculations prescribed by law, interpreting regulations from the framework of economic and financial business. Also, the agency provides legal assistance, makes the registration and checkout of workers, the opening of companies, ect.