Jovic Winery - Tap Jovic br. 1

Ranko Jović is the owner of the company 'Tap Jović br.1' doo, which was founded in 2007, and within which the winery 'Jović' operates. Taught by the experience of his grandfather Savo, who was a pinter, he decided to engage in wine production. Vinarija Jović has been producing red and white wines for 16 years. Initially, it started with the production of 500 liters of wine per year, so that today that quantity reaches 5000 liters per year.
'Tap Jović no. 1' from Bar, through the project 'Norway for you - Montenegro', received support for the purchase of a hydropress for squeezing grapes and a pump that serves the press. With this support, the strengthening of own capacities was achieved, as well as rounding off the process of successful wine production and achieving better results in business. 'With the help of the hydropress, the production process is much faster, and the grapes remain exposed to the air for a shorter time, oxidizing less, which results in a significantly better quality of wine,' emphasizes Jović.
'Through the same project, I received the support of a mentor in the field of marketing and placement on the market, as well as packaging for filling wine, which is also very important to me. This, for now, completes the process needed to make good wine, because by combining a good vineyard and good production, that is, technology and processing of the same product, quality is obtained, and therefore a better position on the market. I want that my family and my friends could be proud of the wine I produce.
For the support of the project 'Norway for you - Montenegro', I was included by Business Start Center Bar through its project. I received support with the help of which my business can continue to progress and for that I am very grateful to the donor the Kingdom of Norway, as well as to the Business Center and the Municipality of Bar. The capacities of my company have been strengthened, innovative approaches are applied in production and it achieves greater efficiency and resistance in the market, which is a predisposition for successful future business. I recommend all other businesses to follow the opportunities that are offered to them and to contact organizations that support business', said Ranko Jović, the owner of the company.