On the occasion of the launch of the Thomson Spirit cruiser by the British company Thomson Cruises, BSC Bar is 27.09.2017. , in cooperation with Port of Adria, organized the Handicrafts Fair on the promenade of King Nikola, where locals and exhibitors from Ulcinj, Podgorica and Niksic welcomed tourists with authentic products and souvenirs. The fair was organized from 08:00 to 18:00 in Bar , at Zero Point, the beginning of the promenade 'King Nikola'.

The aim of the fair is to promote Montenegrin handicrafts and old crafts and to introduce tourists to the historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro.

 The fair features handicrafts, souvenirs, decorative and fashion details, cosmetics and other products.

 The comments and impressions of the exhibitors were very positive

Some of our exhibitors are: Snezana Vujacic - Magic Moment is engaged in the sale of handmade jewelry with crystals and minerals, bracelets with certain symbols and handmade handbags. natural creams and homemade liqueur, Jovana Boskovic - Honey and Milk deals with the production of handmade soaps based on vegetable oils with goat's milk and the production of massage oils.

 By organizing such events, we contribute to the local community, which is one of our common priority goals.