The last procurement - project Support4SME

we would like to inform the public that the final phase of the 'Support4SME' project, which is supported by the Kingdom of Norway through the 'Norway for you - Montenegro' project, is underway.
Today, the last procurement was completed, the purchase of an ice machine for the company DOO 'Leoni' from Bar, and the filming of another, also the last video about the end user of the project, is underway, with the aim of promoting the results of the project and increasing the visibility of the business of the winner of the support. On the other hand, activities to strengthen the capacity of the Business Start Center Bar, foreseen by the project, are coming to an end.

At the very end of the project implementation, we would like to express our satisfaction with the achieved results. In the coming days, we will summarize all the activities that we have carried out on the project, so that they can fully show the results and realized effects of the supported companies and in this way show the importance of networking businessmen with the institutions of the system, all with the aim of improving the position of MSMEs