Results of the project Support4SME

We would like to inform the public that BSC Bar has successfully completed the 'SUPPORT4SME' project financed by the Kingdom of Norway through the project 'Norway for you - Montenegro'.
The support of the Kingdom of Norway through the 'SUPPORT4SME' project was aimed at 6 local companies, as well as at strengthening the capacity of the Business Center.

For the company 'Biotrend' d.o.o., a software was developed for register accounting on the farm, which provides the possibility of of own production of animals (pigs). This software leads to the improvement of capacity and the minimization of weaknesses in Biotrend's business, which, along with the realized support in digital marketing, represents a fine example of the introduction of digitization in agricultural production.

By purchasing a modern ice machine for the company 'Leoni' , capacity expansion and better supply of the demand for ice production by the hospitality industry on the coast was achieved. This has achieved greater efficiency and resistance in the market, which is the main predisposition for successful business operations.

With the redesign and branding of the new production line, the products of the company 'Olivmont' have been given a refreshed, modern and attractive look, which will ultimately lead to a better positioning on the market with the realized support in placement. Also, through the support provided in digital marketing, these products will be incorporated and more visible on digital channels.

With the creation of a new website with the possibility of an online store, 'Teba' is now connecting with modern sales in addition to classic sales. In this way, the company achieves better sales of its products, and the improvement of economic parameters, and with mentoring support, it received guidance and help in obtaining the CE certificate, which enables export to the European Union, as well as in obtaining the ECO certificate.

Support in conquering new markets, as well as the support of technologists for the formulation of new products, and the branding of these products that have yet to appear on the market for the small start-up family business 'Ukus i traditiona Pejanović' is of great importance for future business.

By purchasing a modern hydropress for the production of wine, the company 'Tap Jović br.1' strengthened its own capacities, shortened the production process and improved the quality of wine due to less exposure to air hazards. The aforementioned support in production along with realized support in marketing will achieve greater efficiency and visibility on the market.

As part of the project, video attachments on support for each listed company were recorded and can be viewed on the BSC Bar website via the link

BSC Bar has been implementing this project in partnership with the Municipality of Bar since March, and ambitious goals have been achieved in a relatively short period of time. A contribution to the growth and development of six small businesses engaged in production was made, and behind these more or less significant steps for the support of companies - beneficiaries, there is great effort and daily administrative and logistical support from the Business Center, from the moment of writing the project to the last day of its implementation. . Also, through this project, we attended several significant trainings that strengthened our capacities for further support of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the coming year, we will continue with other ongoing projects, but we will also start several new ones.