BSC Bar employs Young Researcher with background in Information Technology

BSC Bar has started implementing the 'WINDOW2BAR' project. The project aims to contribute to the development of Bar as a smart tourist destination. This implies the creation of innovative tourism products and services with the use of smart technologies and tools. The project is funded by the European Union and the Government of Montenegro through the 'Collaborative Grant Scheme for Innovative Project Ideas' implemented by the Ministry of Science.


During the next period, BSC Bar will employ young researcher who will work on improving the knowledge and understanding of the development possibilities of local tourism by tourism innovations.


Young Researcher 1 – will need to have background in Information Technology.  He/She will be engaged full time on Employment contract with BSC Bar. Duration of assignment is 14 months, start date from 01 to 15th June the person has to start working for BSC Bar to be able to complete the project and the budget.

Young Researcher 1 on project for field research of using iBeacon and gamification concept in tourism and cultural promotion will be working on: projecting system information entry, most intuitive methods for system usage by tourist, technical positioning iBeacon based on recommendations. He/She will work on technical development together with Consultant / Technical Researcher in implementation of iBeacon software and hardware in Bar.

He/she will also work on collecting data, aggregating, researching and writing research paper. Young Researcher’s work will be monitored and supported by Expert Researcher in iBeacon technology in Tourism and by Project Coordinator.

Qualification and skills:

  1. Young researcher needs to be First stage researcher (PhD candidate – doctorand) or Recognized researcher (Who owns PhD diploma, but still in the early research phase). Based on definition of Europe research council
  2. Preference will be given to candidates with same qualification who in addition to that are fluent in English language and have good knowledge of IBM SPSS Statistics 25 and/or Tableau 2018.3

Field of work and tasks:

Young Researcher will work with support of Expert researcher on iBeacon and Gamification concept in Tourism. Developing software, projecting pilot project, selecting location, collaborating with stakeholders (Municipality of Bar, Cultural Centre and Tourism Organization Bar), researching, interview of at least 60 representatives of business sector, collecting database members and users of future platform, presenting the research results and publications.  Expert researcher will monitor and control work of Young Researcher/Contractor and provide the approval on research outputs.

Specific tasks:

  • Writing Research report and Scientific publications as specified in project.
  • Working on development and implementation of tourism product and logistic innovation and business model of spin off company
  • Working on communication and visibility activities of Window2Bar Project, specified under C&A plan and tasked by Project Coordinator.
  • Other Window2Bar project activities tasked by Project Coordinator

Outputs of young researcher’s work:

As specified in project proposal outputs of his/her work will be:

1 tourism product innovation and 1 tourism logistic innovation- one pilot project implemented in Bar

1 Research with recommendation – this is in collaboration with the whole team,

1 Business model for spin off company,

2 scientific research paper’s published where Contractor is Lead Author of at least one Research paper and

10 media releases written (this is blog about specific IT topic in line with project – comes out as finding of research that needs to be published and presented to general public).

To apply please send: 

-          CV in free form

-          Copy of PhD Certificate or Proof of enrolment to Faculty (Kopija diplome o stečenom zvanju ili potvrda da je ponuđač doktorand izdata od Fakulteta na kojem studira doktorske studije)


Documents need to be sent to email address: no later than 26th May by 23:00h. 

For any other information you can contact BSC Bar at 030 686 -380