Call for hiring an external expert in the field of viticulture

BSC Bar announces a public call for hiring an expert in the field of viticulture to perform activities within the ECOVINEGOALS project.

In accordance with the documents we enclose at the bottom of this page, the offer must contain:

1. Annex 1 - Technical offer

2. Annex 2 - Financial offer

3. A copy of the ID card

4. CV in Euro-pass format

5. Information on the bank account to which payments could be made.

According to the above request, the bidder may submit the bid in person or by mail no later than 31.08.2020. until 17.00 at the address:

Business start center Bar, Bulevar Revolucije bb, Business center Kula A / 5, 85000 Bar, Montenegro

It is obligatory to fill in and submit all accompanying documents (annexes). Incomplete documentation excludes the tenderers for further consideration of the supply.

The bid is submitted in one envelope, within which the technical documents with attachments and the financial bid (in one smaller envelope) should be separated.

The application envelope must contain:

Name of the client: Business start center Bar

Note: Application for tender - hiring an external expert to perform activities within the project 'ECOVINEGOALS'.

Note: Do not open before the start of the tender evaluation.

For all possible additional information and interests, you can get information via e-mail:, or by phone: 030 686-380, or 069 328 304.

The criterion for the selection of the bid will be the highest quality bid in relation to the offered price - 80% of the rating refers to the evaluation of the technical bid and 20% of the evaluation to the financial bid.