Justicija Company

Ana Arsenijevic is a young master of legal sciences who decided to build her career in her own business. Following the example of her mother, Ana started her entrepreneurial career two years ago, founding a company that deals with administrative and legal affairs 'Justicija Company' doo. 'We provide administrative and legal services, currently on the territory of Montenegro, but we strive to expand our business beyond the borders of our country. I see the future of my business through digitalization. It will also give me more free time, ”explains Ana.
She emphasizes that for a start, like any start-up business, she needed an idea, a firm and precise decision, family support, perseverance and, of course, finances. She is an incubator tenant in the Business Center, a participant in our trainings, a user of mentoring services, and recently applied for a competition for microloan within our project to support youth entrepreneurship, so she says: “The biggest support in starting a business was my mother, sister and Business Center ”. And she decided to start her own business, as she says, because of the desire for greater freedom, the desire to progress and use the acquired knowledge and skills.
He believes that the environment for the development of youth entrepreneurship is not stimulating enough: 'The driving force of young people is not used enough, although young people are the future of every nation, they are often not taken seriously, so it is not surprising that many leave our country.' On the other hand, laws are often contradictory and inconsistent with European Union laws. Barriers are in obtaining certain licenses and lack of funds, 'Ana points out.
Ana is a single mother of two children, so she is aware of the importance of her role as an entrepreneur. He believes that women are generally more enterprising and determined, but they have more obstacles and barriers to starting a business. 'Women in business lack initial capital, because, as usual, they do not own anything, they do not have collateral for raising loans. Men are not ready to take a woman in business seriously. Some have a marginalization problem, some are belittled, and they are attractive victims of aggressive courtship. Generally speaking, women all over the world are at a disadvantage than men. Their working hours are longer, including housework and other family-related activities. However, they contribute less to the household budget because they are more likely to do jobs that are less paid. Women's resources are inadequately used and even misused. According to the latest research, women are more educated than men, they enroll and graduate from college more often, but they still have lower earnings. Forms of inequality are twisted into a form of traditional division of labor and gender roles. With lower incomes and unpaid domestic work, on which the family operates, women are definitely unequal. They are overburdened due to the traditional division of labor, so they are voluntarily excluded from the race for managerial positions and functions that require a lot of time and sacrifice, ”underlines Ana.
Based on the aforementioned views, Ana definitely claims that entrepreneurship is imperative and recommends young people, especially women, to think about what they can and love to do, and to boldly start realizing their plans and goals through their own business, while on the other hand, he believes that the environment will be more stimulating for the development of entrepreneurship in some future period.