IBOOKHOTEL d.o.o. is a company that deals with the development of software solutions, digital marketing, and the internet payment gateway. The founder of the company is a young software engineer, Ivan Kukić. He graduated from the Department of Software Engineering of VETS in Belgrade. He has been in business incubator since 2012. Ivan says, 'The software engineer's job is to design applications, devise mechanisms, and construct products in a virtual space, in the same way that mechanical, electrical, or construction engineers work in the physical world. Services of incubators are of great importance to me, from the office itself to the affordable financial expenses that I have as a resident of this area. The work will quickly exaggerate my possibilities, it is also possible to expand the work through various forms, which will require the engagement of workers and partners.'

This company offers a clear, creative and economical solution for working in a travel agency so that users can easily manage their business. Users can run their own online sales with minimal time spent. In other words, the ibookhotel helps the hotel, apartment, travel agency and other companies to expand their offer globally through advanced online booking systems. In addition to its tourism, it also produces dedicated business software according to the needs of its clients. 

Ivan has expertise in: PHP, MySql. TDD, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Restful Services, development of web applications and server applications. He is constantly improving, investing in intellectual effort, knowledge and experience. 

Incubator services used Enterprise Europe Network to connect with foreign partners. In particular, cooperation with the company BitLab from Banja Luka was established. 

Among other things, ibookhotel has developed its own reservation system, which has over 10 implementations so far, and also develops web applications and websites. In principle, it can boast that it has done sites for some of the larger hotel companies in the region.