Biotrend doo - pig farm

Dabanović Vladimir, beneficiary of the support of the BSC Bar project 'SUPPORT4SME' which finances the Kingdom of Norway through the 'Norway for you - Montenegro' project, is an agricultural producer engaged in animal husbandry and has a pig farm with about a hundred breeding heads. He has been engaged in animal husbandry since 2010, as a natural person until 2018, and then, due to the volume of work, he transformed into the company 'Biotrend' doo Bar.
With the 'Norway for you - Montenegro' project, the company 'Biotrend' received software for register accounting on the farm, which enables records of each animal and, at the same time, gives the possibility of own production of breeding cows. Given that there is no registered center for the production of breeding heads in Montenegro, in this way 'Biotrend' could produce gilts for the overhaul of its own herd and the herds of other farmers engaged in the same business.
The goal of the project is to contribute to the growth and development of small businesses engaged in production, by introducing digitization in agriculture, in the specific case it leads to the improvement of farm capacity and the minimization of weaknesses in business, and in the final significant growth in the economic aspect of the company 'Biotrend'.
In addition to creating software for register accounting, the company received funds through the project for the purchase of a laptop for the purpose of using the software for the needs of the farm, as well as the support of mentors for digital marketing, i.e. creating accounts on social networks and advertising on social networks and platforms that support agricultural producers .
'I am aware of the fact that digitization has taken up a significant space in every business, so it has also found application in my work, all for the purpose of optimizing production, saving resources and achieving better efficiency.'
The implementation of the 'Norway for you - Montenegro' project opens the possibility for the establishment of a repro center, more precisely the first repro center in Montenegro, which will mean the purchase of purebred breeding heads, enable even better results in the production itself and lead to the most modern standards and the best use of technical predispositions of animals.
My success story aims to motivate other companies to network with institutions and organizations that provide support in order to strengthen their own capacities and achieve better results. And finally, I want to thank the donor, Norway Kingdom for the significant support that provides to micro and small businesses in Montenegro,' announced Vladimir Dabanović.