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Decoupage Studio

Gordana Mijović example of entrepreneurs who, despite her regular jog in education found the opportunity for additional business activity. This is a very successful example of how to turn a hobby into your own business, in the true sense - start doing the work you love!

A key motivation for her to turn a hobby into a business was the competition for the best business plan that was announced by BSC Bar. Then she decided that she needs to apply and when her business plan evaluated as good and she won the possibility of getting the micro-loan new set of possibilities opened up for her. She legally registered her earlier hobby and the independent craft shop ' Decoupage studio ' was established that for many ears successfully survives in the market .

Her advice for women is to '...Be brave enough to show your society what you can do. Strive to achieve your goals and the success is guaranteed. Enter the 'I know and I can ' adventure'!

About starting-up a businesses , and harnessing your own hobbies Gordana says : 'The existence of my personal desire to express myself creatively led me to decoupage techniques . Decoupage technique belongs to an applied art and consists of decorating items for various purposes. Any type of items can be decorated: objects who spent their lifetime in the initial form as well as brand new items. My work with decoupage has been going on for many years , initially I was very shy and unobtrusive, but after achieving the support of my nearest family members I went on boldly determined to succeed in my efforts to bring my immediate and the wider community into the world of decoupage. I wanted to give a chance to those who want to work with it to start their own small business initiative. I have gained my opportunity to start my business with micro-credit support from The Business Center Bar and I have used it. Now I have my own ' Decoupage studio ' in which I am slowly realizing my dreams. '

Connection with the BSC Bar Gordana maintains through the decoupage workshop that BSC often organizes in collaboration with her.

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