Support project for the development of sustainable social enterprises


The Business Start Center Foundation Bar, in cooperation with the NGO Cartitas of Montenegro, started implementing the Support Project for the Development of Sustainable Social Enterprises in November 2023.

The project is supported through the EU Support Program for Employment, Social Inclusion and Social Entrepreneurship. Budget line: IPA II – annual action program for Montenegro for 2020.

The goal of the project is to increase the employability and opportunities for employment of young people, women, low-skilled workers
workforce, people with disabilities and the long-term unemployed through the development and support of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship.


Through the project, we plan to:

1. We provide entrepreneurial skills training for 30 people to support them to prepare
business plan for a social enterprise or improve their skills in the field of entrepreneurship.

2. Let's support 10 people to establish their own social enterprise or get a job in an existing social enterprise
I will undertake.

3. Let's improve the capacities of 6 existing or newly established social enterprises in areas such as:

promotion, marketing, networking, finance and purchase of work equipment.

Social enterprises that participate in the project or are established through the project will provide promotion

business through new partnerships, customers, volunteers and investors, which will result in the employment of 8 people from our target group after the end of the project.

The target group of the project are: young people, women, long-term unemployed, persons with disabilities, socially vulnerable persons, beneficiaries of material assistance. The beneficiaries of the project are also social enterprises that need to: improve their operations, become sustainable or hire new workers from a vulnerable category of the population.

In the period February/March 2024, we will publish a public call for applicants who will apply first for training to acquire entrepreneurial skills, after which they can continue further involvement in the other phases of the project.