Youth 4 Open Innovation

Project entitled Youth 4 Open Innovation plans to encourage and promote open innovation. We will be working on improving youth’s skills for open innovation by increasing their: introspective, extrospective, interactive and technical skills.

Our initiatives will be focused on easing innovation process by increasing collaboration between the private sector, academic institutions, youth organization, NGOs. The activities that will be conducted will reinforce the links between science, research, education, and industry in Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 This project is co-funded with Erasmus+ Programme of EU

BSC Bar is a lead partner in cooperation with Intera and FUDS. All these partner organisations are locally recognized and have strong cooperation with youth, institutions and local stakeholders which is necessary to reach them and to get them involved from the project inception.

Project acitivities are as follows:

1) Development of curricula program for open innovation that have more relevance with labour market demands and business sector skills and therefore will enable increased success in employment of youth coming out of the faculty.

2) Implementing set of non-formal trainings for students and youth for increasing their entrepreneurship and innovation skills in order to encourage open innovation.

3) Rising the awareness activities – Under this package we plan for organizing round table discussion with local stakeholders, Business open innovation competition events in each country and Promotion activity events - Website updates, presence in social networks and media

Duration of the project: February 1st 2021. - April 30th 2022.

Project budget: 62980.2 EUR 

Project website: