The 'SUPPORT4SME' project is financed by the Kingdom of Norway through the 'Norway for you - Montenegro' project. The aim of the project is to contribute to the growth and development of six small businesses engaged in production through the improvement of their capacities and through the minimization of their weaknesses in business. BSC Bar is implementing this project in partnership with the Municipality of Bar from March to the end of November 2022.

The project activities include the support of six companies from the local community: 'Tap Jović br.1' doo, 'Jugopapir' doo, 'Biotrend' doo, 'Ukus i traditiona Pejanović' doo, 'Olivmont' doo and 'Denida' doo. The support will refer to the acquisition of production equipment, improvement of software solutions and consulting and mentoring services.

The expected results of the project will be reflected in the strengthened capacities of the targeted companies in terms of improving their marketing performance, expanding the market, strengthening export performance, introducing digitization, and applying innovative approaches in production and achieving greater efficiency and resilience.

This project also includes activities that will strengthen the capacities of BSC Bar to support potential entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.

Also, the promotion of supported businesses is specifically planned, not only to promote programs and project activities, but also to raise awareness and motivate other businesses to network with support institutions/organizations in order to strengthen their own capacities and achieve better results in business.