Improving Montenegrin culture through stimulating international dialogue and developing partnership in applied arts and crafts

The aim of this project is, as the name itself says improvement of Montenegrin culture through stimulation of international dialogue and development of partnership in the field of applied arts and old crafts. The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, and implemented by BSC Bar in cooperation with NGO Educational Center Bar.

In the first part of the project, the organization of seminars, is planned with the aim of improving the business of small businesses in the field of applying arts and old crafts through education on specific topics, as well as through the exchange of international experience and establishing cooperation.

In the second part of the project is an international fair of applied arts. The idea of ​​this fair, apart from presenting products, is to offer accompanying activities, performances and skills, and through practical workshops, teach everyone who participates to make the products themselves.

In addition to the seminar and the fair, it is planned to produce a publication on the connection of culture and tradition with the subjects presented at the fair, with the catalog of exhibitors.