Employment of people with disabilities: help persons who have not large employment opportunities

Representatives of the BSC Bar visited the production plant of the company Jugopapir d.o.o. on March 26. 

The company, engaged in the production of fruit syrups, employed a disabled person within the project 'Networking and activation to inclusion and employment of persons with disabilities.' 

It is a group of people that typical employers avoid due to prejudice and ignorance of their abilities.

It is precisely the lack of work experience that is one of the greatest difficulties in their employment in the labor market. 

At the company, they say that they are very satisfied with the handicapped worker because her accuracy and productivity is equal to that of the other workers, while the desire to change jobs is lower. 

'Although we do not know yet, we will certainly need additional labor. We will probably hire another three people,' says Vladisav Tošić, praising his worker Milka Danilović as an extremely valuable person who is easy to work with. 

'Milka Danilović is a person who is happy to have the opportunity to work and is happy to come to work every day. She learns quickly, she is diligent and wants to work. I'm very pleased with her.' 

The beginning, he admitted to us, was tough. It was necessary to get machines, educate the workers and create the visual identity of the whole story.

Vladisav Tošić is hoping that his example will encourage other companies to follow hire disabled persons as well. 

He says, 'I will employ them primarily to encourage social change, but also to help them look through the prism of opportunity, not their handicap.'

In addition to this company, representatives of the BSC Bar also visited other companies that were engaged in OSI work.