Workshop on Marketing of olive products

As part of the 21st Olive Festival, BSC Bar held a workshop on Marketing olive products on November 26. The lecturer at the workshop was M.Sc. Jasna Pejovic is the director of the company Digital Bee and one of the lecturers at the Digital Academy, the only company in Montenegro that has a licensed program for the education of adults in the field of Digital Marketing. Ms. Pejović is a teaching associate at UDG in the field of Marketing and has over 20 years of business experience, of which over 15 years in leadership positions. olives how they can improve marketing and especially digital marketing. The workshop was organized through the project 'High technology for the sustainable development of autochthonous varieties of olives and innovations in the traditional food value chain' which BSC Bar is implementing with the Bar Oil Company and which is supported through the IPA II - Annual Action Program for Montenegro for the year 2020. program for Montenegro 2020). Anyone who did not make it to the first day of this workshop can join us on the second day of the workshop, where the focus will be on Digital Marketing, and it is scheduled for December 21 (Thursday) in the premises of the BSC Bar, starting at 11 a.m.