Project 'Entrepreneurship Endeavours'

Business Start Center Bar in cooperation with the American reading room Cetinje, Montenegro and with the American Association of students and with Business Center Cetinje is implementing the 'Entrepreneurship Endeavours'. The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy, and the goal of the project is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in children and youth, preparing children and youth for the labor market and self-employment of young people.

The target group is young people aged 10-30 years, with activities divided and aligned with the three age groups. Activities include workshops and training on entrepreneurial skills, opening a virtual business and business management, entrepreneurship fair, organizing practices and volunteering in the business sector, the establishment of youth networks and the like. The project is implemented in Cetinje and the duration of the project will be 18 months.

The first workshop on entrepreneurship and seeking entrepreneurial ideas will be organized 03/03/2014. starting at 14h in the Primary School 'Lovćenski partizanski odred' in Cetinje.