3rd EUSAIR Forum CATANIA, Italy, 24-25 May 2018

The Business Start-Up Center Bar informs that the Republic of Italy, in cooperation with the European Commission and with the support of EUSAIR FacilityPoint, will organize the 3rd Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian Region (EUSAIR), which will be held on May 24 and 25, 2018 in Cataia (Italy). At this event, the progress and achievements of the EUSAIR macro-regional strategy will be presented and the network and partnerships within the Adriatic and Ionian regions will be promoted. 

A special emphasis will be on improving the connection and cooperation of this area with a focus on transport and energy. The forum will be preceded by the Adriatic Ionian Council / EUSAIR Ministerial Meeting on May 24, 2018, which will bring together the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member states, the responsible persons for the EU funds and representatives of the European Commission. The objective of the meeting is to bring together participants from all 8 countries signatory to the EUSAIR Strategy (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia). 

Main topics

  • Blue growth (blue technology aquaculture and fisheries...)
  • Connecting the region (transport and energy networks, maritime transport and logistics)
  • Sustainable tourism (diversification of tourism products and services, innovation in tourism, cross-sector approach to tourism, IT, energy, efficiency, health...)
  • Quality of the environment (protection of the sea and the marine environment)

Who can participate: 

  • SMEs
  • Universities
  • Chamber
  • Clusters
  • Research institutes 
  • Other organizations from the Adriatic-Ionian region

As in the previous year, business meetings (B2B) are also scheduled, which will be held within the 3rd EUSAIR forum. The goal of the B2B meeting is to provide business connectivity, research and assessment of new business opportunities while encouraging perspectives for long-term cooperation between SMEs and other key factors in the region. 

The deadline for registration is May 22, 2018. 

Detailed Program Information, as well as online meeting arrangements, are available on the official website: https://b2b-eusair-forum-2018.b2match.io/

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