Workshops within the project 'Fair of Young Innovators - Innovations for Sustainable Tourism and Agriculture'

As part of the 'Fair of Young Innovators - Innovative Ideas for Sustainable Tourism and Agriculture' project, we organized workshops for children during the month of November. At the workshops, we created challenges for innovation. We talked about environmental protection, tourism and agriculture and the solutions we can apply in these areas using computers, mBots, 3D pens and printers. The goal of the workshops is to encourage our young participants to think creatively and to find innovative solutions and their practical application in the environment. The children mastered work techniques at the workshops, and then worked together with the lecturers on innovation challenges. Preparations for the fair, which we will organize at the beginning of next year, have begun in earnest.


The project was financed by the Innovation Fund of Montenegro within the program for encouraging the development of innovation culture and the organization of education in the areas of smart specialization in Montenegro.