The project 'Fair of Young Innovators' innovative ideas for sustainable tourism and agriculture

The Business Start Center Bar has started the implementation of the project 'Fair of Young Innovators' of innovative ideas for sustainable tourism and agriculture.
The project was financed/co-financed by the Innovation Fund of Montenegro within the program for encouraging the development of innovation culture and the organization of education in the areas of smart specialization in Montenegro.

The goals of the project are:
• Contribute to the development of young people's skills
• Contribute to the affirmation of creativity and innovation in education through the use of new tools.
• Influence the perception of innovation as a chance to create or improve business in the field of tourism and agriculture

The target group of the project is children and young people, with whom in the period until February 29, 2024. carry out the activities of workshops, guest lectures and a fair.

The planned results of the project are:
• 50 young people trained through practical workshops

• 50 training participants motivated to work on challenges for the fair

• 1 fair of young innovators

• 10 teams participated in the fair

• 1000 people in the local community informed about the importance of innovation

•15 stakeholders attended the fair


The beneficiaries of the project are:

• Young people in Bar who want to improve innovative knowledge and skills.
• Businessmen who want to apply the concept of open innovation and get to know innovative tools that they can use in production, packaging, sensors in agriculture, etc.
•Representatives of educational institutions/schools who can improve the way of working and conducting lessons using innovative tools.
• The public, i.e. a wider community that will understand how innovations affect the development of the local community and society.