BSC Bar in cooperation with the Directorate for Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as a leader , Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and with Mechanical Engineering Faculty, formed consortium that through a project funded by the European Commission became part of the ' Enterprise Europe Network ' network of over 500 organizations across Europe. The main mission of the Enterprise Europe Network is to provide practical information and assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises in Montenegro , in order to facilitate: finding of business partners, establishing business cooperation and joint ventures, participation in tenders, access to information about the legal aspects and business regulations in the EU, information on support programs, legislation and research findings related to the innovation intermediary services in the transfer of technology and knowledge, stimulating Montenegrin SMEs to innovate, as well as information and assistance in the EU Framework Programme for Research and technological Development. BSC Bar has become part of the network in 2008 under the first call for project.

During the implementation period, BSC Bar has introduced a number of Montenegrin enterprises and their partners in the EU . Many of these companies were given for the first time the opportunity to present themselves to the international market at the trade fair exhibitions in the region and later to participate at business to business meeting events. More information about the network , a calendar of activities and partnerships that are required can be found on the website of the project

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